Dubbed as the “Chicken of the sea”, Tuna has been a favourite in many of our diets for most of our lives (canned tuna mayo sandwiches for school, ring any bells?). It’s loaded with Niacin (B3 – good for heart health) and the Bluefin Tuna packs the highest Omega-3 fatty acid content.


Let’s first explain how tuna got its pet name. In 1914, Frank Van Camp and his son bought a California Tuna Canning Company and changed the name to Van Camp Seafood Company. The term “Chicken of the Sea”, was used to describe the taste of their canned tuna and it was such a hit that it eventually became the company name. The documented explanation for the name of their product is that back in the day, fishermen named white albacore tuna as “chicken of the sea” and it was due to the white flesh and the subtle flavour closely resembled that of chicken.


It’s cemented its place as the go-to choice for protein (if not, then add it to your diet, now). A
100g serving is loaded with an impressive 30g of lean protein and it’s also one of the easiest,
most accessible types of fish, with Pacific Yellowfin Tuna growing up to about 180kg and living
a relatively short life of between 6 and 7 years. Added to this, tuna also packs a handsome dose
of potassium, B12, and selenium. Weight is a major issue faced by the majority of people in Western countries; Tuna provides us good with nutrients and taste while being low in caloric content.


We source our Sashimi Grade Tuna Loins across the globe and flash-frozen at -60 degrees


Here are five ways to make tuna tantalising:


1. Spicy Tuna Hand Rolls
We thoroughly enjoyed preparing this easy meal by the world-famous Pioneer Woman
Ree Drummond and the majority of ingredients are easy to find.


2. Tuna Fish Cakes
A tried and tested low-carb, hand-me-down recipe. We loved the herby flavours of Dill
and Parsely!


3. Marinated Tuna Steaks
A delicious, citrus-based marinade that gave our Sashimi Grade Tuna Loins that extra
kick! It was the perfect summer meal that we enjoyed with flash-fried green beans,
tender stem broccoli, and garlic baby potatoes (lose the potatoes and you’ve got the
ultimate Keto friendly meal).



4. Spicy Tuna Poké (Po-keh) Bowls
Our personal favourite! We just can’t get enough of Poké bowls and our Tuna Loins are
just perfect for this quick and easy fifteen-minute dish. Not in the mood for home prep?
Head to Cow-Fish in Hazelwood and try out their delicious tuna Poké bowls, made using our tuna loins!


5. Seared Peppered Tuna with Dried Cranberries
Get Festive and wow your guests with this under thirty-minute hors d’oeuvres. We
prepped this dish for our Friday afternoon office social, paired with Protea Chenin Blanc.


We boast an accumulated food industry knowledge and experience of over 100 years, adhere to
the South African Sustainable Seafood Initiative (SASSI) and supply a large network of Hotels
and Restaurants throughout the Gauteng region.