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Oct 1, 2019Blog

​Dear chefs, “Happier and Healthier Plates” are in; deep fried, oil drenched seafood meals are out! There’s been a huge shift in consumer behaviour and their preferences when dining out. The health conscious diners, over the last several years, have and still are, turning to restaurants that offer a wider range of simpler, healthier options. Fish and seafood has always been a hot favourite, so are you serving up Happier and Healthier Plates?

At Food Inmind, we are committed to supplying the freshest fish and seafood products, helping you create the most amazing dishes for your customers. Rich and simple flavours yet nutritionally dense options are top of the list for many consumers. Poke bowls, crunchy salads and flash fried seafood served with simple, healthier sides are some of the common choices apart from the ever popular sushi and its various methods of preparation. The sea brings us huge economic, social and cultural benefits. They serve as a vehicle for global trade, holiday destinations and most imperatively, supply us with food. Unfortunately, unsustainable fishing practices have left fish stocks dangerously depleted and ecosystems sufficiently altered to jeopardise a number of marine species. Our SASSI (South African Sustainable Seafood Initiative) approved products offer peace of mind as well as ensure that you maintain transparency by displaying this message on your menu/s.

So, what are Happier and Healthier Plates? Seafood boasts a plethora of health benefits and has long been hailed as the Kings of protein-rich foods. Rich in vitamin B12, E, A, D, calcium and iron yet low in caloric value. Apart from the nutritional benefits, vibrant, healthier plates are always pleasing on the eye when prepared to perfection. By giving your customers an unforgettable seafood experience, you’re likely to see them again…and naturally, they’ll eagerly share their experience with others. We’re proudly BEE Compliant and a preferred fish and seafood supplier to several boutique hotels and 5 Star Restaurants in and around Gauteng. Our ongoing research into the premium products we source, where we source them from and if farmed, are the farming practices ethical? These research processes has afforded us a competitive advantage in the hospitality industry and we’re proud to be labeled as a preferred supplier.

Our added value services make prep work light yet cost effective. Choose from having the whole fish delivered or filleted, portioned, de-veined and cleaned to your specifications, and we’ll happily package all the “waste” for you to boil up those hearty fish broths.

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