Products – Fish

We supply a large variety of superior frozen and fresh products from fish to essential grocery products to customers throughout Gauteng.

Food Inmind has a very well equipped factory along with refrigerated vehicles to ensure the continuity of the cold chain. Our company also recognises and adheres to the South African Sustainable Seafood Initiative (SASSI) to ensure our offering is both responsible and sustainable.

Value Added Services
Food Inmind offers the following services free of charge:

  • Filleting of fish
  • Descaling of fish
  • Deveining and cleaning of prawns
  • Portioning and vacuum packing of products where applicable
  • Door-to-door delivery based on minimum order quantities

Furthermore, upon request we can assist you to source any specialised product that we may not carry as a stock item.

You can be rest assured that your order is prepared premium, and in professional hands at all times.


Our range of fresh fish products is made up of a large selection of items from Norwegian salmon, delectable prawns, mighty mussels, calamari and line fish.


  • Air Fresh, Imported, Superior grade

  • 3 size ranges: either 4 to 5 kg, 5 to 6kg or 6 to 7kg, depending on availability

  • Sold as whole fish or filleted & vacuum packed


  • Falklands, Size C5, uncleansed, random weight 10kg Box

  • Can be cleaned on your behalf (Tubes and/or Heads and Tentacles), please enquire

  • Calamari Steaks only 5kg box


  • Mussel Meat 1kg bag

  • Mussels 1/2 Shell (local) 1kg bag


Smoked Salmon

  • Smoked Norwegian Salmon 80g Pkt

  • Smoked Norwegian Salmon 500g Pkt


  • Smoked Salmon Trout 80g Pkt

  • Smoked Salmon Trout 500g Pkt

Tuna - SAshimi Grade

  • Tuna Loins – Minus 60 Degree


  • Prawns – Argentinean L1 2kg Net Box
  • Prawns – Argentinean L2 2kg Net Box
  • Prawns – Argentinean L3 2kg Net Box
  • Prawns – Vannemai 31/40 1kg Box
  • Prawns – Vannemai 16/20 1kg Box
  • Prawns – Vannemai 21/25 1kg Box
  • Prawns – Vannemai 26/30 1kg Box


  • Hake Fillets – 2/4 Petite 5kg Box
  • Hake Fillets – 4/6 Medium 5kg Box
  • Hake Fillets – 6/8 Large 5kg Box
  • Hake Fillets – 12 + Jumbo 5kg Box

Prawn Meat

  • Prawn Meat 20/40 1kg Bag
  • Prawn Meat 40/60 1kg Bag

Prawn Tails

  • Prawn Tails 21/25 – Argentinean IQF 1kg bag


  • Yellowtail – Whole or Filleted
  • Dorado – Whole or Filleted
  • Barramundi -(Asian Sea Bass) Whole or Filleted


  •     Kingklip Fresh – Whole or fileted

    • Kingklip – Portions 280/320g 15 prtns per Box

Frozen Linefish Portions

  • Dorado Portions 280/320g 15 prtns per Box
  • Butterfish Portions 280/320g 15 prtns per Box
  • Yellowtail Portions 280/320g 15 prtns per Box


  • Haddock 5kg Box


  • Crabsticks 1kg Bag


  • Shrimps 300g bag

Lobster - 550g - 700g each

  • American Maine Lobster with Pincers 5kg Box


  • Frozen Clams 1kg Bag


  • Portuguese Sardines 1kg Bag


  • Black Seaweed Caviar 100g Tub
  • Red Seaweed Caviar 100g Tub