Products – Essentials

We supply a large variety of superior frozen and fresh products from fish to essential grocery products to customers throughout Gauteng.

Food Inmind has a very well equipped factory along with refrigerated vehicles to ensure the continuity of the cold chain. Our company also recognises and adheres to the South African Sustainable Seafood Initiative (SASSI) to ensure our offering is both responsible and sustainable.

Value Added Services
Food Inmind offers the following services free of charge:

  • Portioning and vacuum packing of products where applicable
  • Door-to-door delivery based on minimum order quantities

Furthermore, upon request we can assist you to source any specialised product that we may not carry as a stock item.

You can be rest assured that your order is prepared premium, and in professional hands at all times.


As with any dish, the essentials are just as important so we also supply a wide range of cheese products, premium Belgian chocolates, cream and salted butter.

Premium Chocolate

  • Dark Couverture – Belgian 5kg Slab
  • White Couverture – Belgian 5kg Slab
  • Dark Couverture – Callets 2,5kg Bag
  • White Couverture – Callets 2,5kg Bag

Butter Salted

  • Mooi River Butter (salted) 20 x 500g
  • Springbok Butter (unsalted) 30 x 500g


  • Long Life Cream – Milac Gold 12 x 1 lt


  • 25cm Plain Wraps 10 per Packet


  • Halloumi 5kg Bucket
  • Cream Cheese – Smooth 5kg Bucket
  • Danish Style Feta 5kg Bucket
  • Cheddar Loaf RDW 2kg Loaf
  • Gouda Loaf RDW 2kg Loaf
  • Mozzarella Loaf RDW 2kg Loaf
  • Parmesan Grated 1kg Bag
  • Grana Padano RDW 1kg Wedge


  • Small Flavoured Yoghurt 8x 6x 100ml

Truffle Oils

  • Italian Truffle Oil – Urbani 250ml