About us

We procure, prepare and supply the most premium fresh fish products that allow all chefs to be tastefully creative, therefore helping Chefs create happier and healthier plates every time.

Food Inmind has been in business since June 2008 and have recently changed ownership, continuing with the vision to provide superior quality fresh fish including salmon, tuna, prawns, red meats, venison and cheeses.

Under new ownership we would like to grow our business in the premium and hospitality space as we see a greater need for healthier food alternatives.

Our suppliers are verified under strict food health procedures and we always endeavour to negotiate the best possible quality and the most affordable prices.

Our team of buyers have dealings with several International organisations to source various fresh and frozen items from around the world.

Food Inmind boasts an accumulated food industry knowledge and experience of over 100 years.

Drikus de Wet

Drikus de Wet

Managing Director

Drikus de Wet is an entrepreneur with a passion for food, fitness and healthy living. After studying for 9 years full time he pursued different vocations locally and abroad. From being an English teacher in Korea to a sailor, then broker and programmer, he’s left no stone unturned in figuring out what really makes him tick.

His curious and adventurous personality have helped shape his resilience, determination and sense of purpose. Now heading up a vibrant and dynamic wholesale and distribution business, his attitude toward success is to show up, hustle, always have a positive attitude, and be consistent.